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The Layout of the Stable!

Areas I think we should have:

The Barn: it houses the stables, the tack room, and the hayloft. The riding ring/paddock, and pasture are adjacent to the barn. Beyond the pasture is a wooded area for trail riding. Bags of feed and grain are in the main barn, not the hayloft.

Stables: either one or two banks of stalls, like a long, straight hall. The door to each stall is split, so that the horses can lean out or people can reach in to pet them. Unless it's a mare and a foal, each horse has their own stall. A mare sharing a stall with a foal generally has a larger stall than the other horses. The stalls are traditional, and are made of wood, and have straw on the floor.

Here are some examples (and the description can be changed appropriately): (sliding doors)

Tack room: this is where all the saddles (stored on trees), bridles, reins, bits, and halters are. There should also be first aid items, medications, blankets, helmets, crops, spurs, boots, gloves, hats, and the like go.

Hayloft: just like it sounds, this is where hay and straw (bedding) go. It's the upper level of the barn, accessible by ladder.

Riding ring/paddock: this is where the horses socialize and exercise! The area is enclosed by a fence (white wood/split rail). We may want to make two, separate areas: one for socializing and playing, another for actual riding and jumping lessons. The riding ring has jumps of various sizes and barrels for the quarter horses.

Pasture: large, grassy area for grazing, lazing, and socializing. There are gentle, rolling hills and the area is populated with various kinds of trees. There's a pond too, with cattails and irises at the edge. There are sunfish in the pond, and frogs too. The entire pasture is enclosed with a split-rail fence.

Should there be a house on the grounds too? Somewhere where Nate stays, since she's looking after the horses?

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