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Dr. Michael Simon Anders (aka Master Simon) ([personal profile] master_simon) wrote in [community profile] nexus_stables2012-01-14 02:57 pm

OOC: Community imports

Although it's been years since much of anything has been done with this community, I've imported over the old entries from LiveJournal. This is in part because when I went to the LJ version of this community and was rereading a post, Release 88 had defaced it by making a number of comments -- that had never been deleted when their poster closed their account -- inaccessible. Although one of the LJ staff has claimed that this is a bug that will be corrected, three weeks have passed since then with no actual progress on their part. So now they're here. This creates two smallish problems, however.

First: Ellie-mun and I had previously recreated several of the early posts from the community, and those are now out of order (but, at least until we can claim posts, look better than the imported versions, so I'm not deleting them yet). That's just a minor annoyance and one that will be (mostly) rectified by OpenID claiming when it happens.

Second: if any of you object to having your posts or comments moved over, let me know and I will delete them. Bear in mind that the LJ copy of the community may get deleted in the future, in which case this version of the community will be the only place where this portion of your character's RP history exists. I really hope you'll allow the posts and comments to stay up here, because all of you were awesome to play with.

Hopefully this community will be revived in the future, because it's a premise I really like. Anyway, leave a comment here if you have any questions or problems regarding the import.