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A ceremony and reception at the Stables

For their third and final ceremony, Dr. and Mrs. Michael Simon Anders had arrived at the farmhouse for brunch with Mr. Dobson, Nat, and Jinian. Today was the most relaxed of their ceremonies and would be a much shorter guestlist than the one from last night. And after all of the rush of the previous week, it was nice to be able to take things slowly and be able to enjoy and revel in the moment.

With Nat serving as their flower girl and Mr. Dobson officiating, they walked down a grove of weeping willows and cherry trees in full bloom that served as their aisle. Their altar was an arch overgrown with wisteria, and with fields of hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils blanketing the area, they didn't need any extra flower arrangements to adorn their path. With this ceremony, they were husband and wife not only in their world but also in the Nexus, their union to be recognized anywhere they should happen to visit.

A reception followed the ceremony with close friends, all of them enjoying the beautiful Spring weather at the Stables. And though neither Simon nor Ellie could confirm it, it seemed that somehow, however impossible it might be, that Mr. Dobson had a helping hand in it. When it was time to get ready to leave for their honeymoon and PINpoint back to Chicago, Simon and Ellie had mounted one of the Stables' most regal geldings to ride off into the afternoon. At the top of the hill with the most beautiful vista, they shared one more kiss before heading home.

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