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[for a given value of open :3]

Elizabeth has found herself a guestroom at the stables, as she was directed to, and is now pinpointing in her suitcase and enough baby "stuff" for the twins and Catherine. She brings the babies in last, and ends up sitting in the doorway, Catherine in her lap, reading quietly while Robert and Gillian sleep.

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His chores finally done, Jake has come back into the house and started working on dinner with Nat and Jinian. The girls have it well in hand, so he heads upstairs to check on his new guests. It's apparently been a very crazy day throughout the Nexus.

"Evening, Elizabeth. Are you settling in all right?"

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"You're welcome." He hunkers down hear her, idly curious about her reports, but not asking... not yet, anyway. He might, in time. Jake is a relentlessly curious sort who is fascinated by all of the people of the Nexus. "I understand things have gotten pretty dangerous, suddenly. I thought I should reassure you that this is a safe haven... the nonviolence field is very strong and stretches out a good ways."

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"They're tricky things," he says with a hint of a smile. "The best ones have a consciousness attached to them. That's the kind we have here. It's not harmful or intrusive, but it's always around us. Shouldn't be anything too new to you, I don't think; I understand that a friend of yours has some pretty omniscient children of her own."

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"That'd probably work. I know that Dr. Anders and Ellie are going with something more technological at their place right now, but that's the way of their world. An actual consciousness is best, though. I'd imagine your Sam could whip up a really good one, too." He smiles, turning his attention for a moment to the sound of cooking downstairs. "Nat and Jiniah are finishing up making dinner, if you're hungry."