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Arriving a little early, before either Batman or Michael, she'd missed coming here. Granted, they'd been very busy and she'd been sick, but today was a good day -- and an even better day for visiting with the horses and riding.

She'd given Batman the coordinates here, with Michael probably arriving after that. And they couldn't ask for a better day, either: sunny, balmy, and just enough of a breeze to keep them comfortable.

Walking over to the paddock with a bucket of apples and carrots, she climbs the fence to sit and visit with the horses for a while before the others join her.

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Batman PINpointed in, taking a moment after he arrived to just savor the atmosphere. After spending his whole life in as crowded and polluted a city as Gotham, fresh country air and sunshine was just amazing. He was tempted to ditch the suit and actually be able to breathe without filters and feel the sun on his skin. But now wasn't really the time. Or was it? More stuff to talk about with this psychiatrist he was about to meet, though he didn't want to discuss anything in too much detail. Being totally open was, much as he hated to admit it, getting more and more difficult every day. He settled for walking up to where Ellie was and giving a friendly wave. "Hey."

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"Um, I guess so. Yeah, hold on a minute." He jumps up to join her.

Woah. That is one big horse. Still, no reason to be intimidated, they're not supposed to be dangerous, right? He waves to the horse as well, feeling kind of silly.

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"I guess I'll give it a shot."

"Schway. Uh, what does all that mean?"

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Batman does as instructed, wondering what the horse will think of him, if anything. "Cool."

"It's cool. Western would be better for beginners, then?"

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"Good for him. Hi Blossom!" He waves, feeling more than a little bit ridiculous.

"Well, I suppose I'll have to give each one a try later on."

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Dr. Anders has changed into his riding gear already. He smiles as he approaches. Although he's seen Batman in passing, in the Nexus, he doesn't think they've ever really spoken. Jonathan would probably be utterly horrified to know that a Batman was at the Stables, but it certainly won't hurt him not to know.

"Hey there! Sorry I'm so late." He offers Batman his hand to shake. "I'm Dr. Michael Anders. Just in case Ellie hasn't already said it, welcome to the Nexus Stables."

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Batman has seen him around, but mostly he's just heard about this guy from Ellie. And now they're meeting in person.

He shakes the hand with a nod. "Hey. Nice to meet you, I'm Batman. And thanks, I'm glad to be here. This place is amazing..."
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Done shaking Batman's hand, Michael climbs up onto the fence, too, and immediately has a giant horse-face up against his; Beer apparently likes him a lot. He gives the huge horse a thorough petting while he talks.

"We don't, and we really should. This place is incredible, and we really haven't explored all that much of it yet." He grins at Batman. "Want to help us with that today?"

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"Sounds like a great idea to me!" The suit makes anything like smiling fairly difficult, so the most Batman can manage is a faint smirk. But he's grinning on the inside.

"If you haven't done much exploring, it must not be long since you found it, huh?"
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Dr. Anders nods. "I bought it in July. We intended to spend a lot more time here but then things got pretty complicated for a while, and we didn't get up here as much as we meant to. Now that things are finally calming down, we can really get to know the place."

He feeds Beer a carrot; he and the horse obviously like each other a great deal.

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Aw, horses. Apparently these are pretty easy to get along with... or Dr. Anders has just known them a long time.

"Well, plenty of time for investigating the place now, huh? You guys making up for lost time?"
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Dr. Anders nods, smiling. "Among other things, yes. A place like this can't really go to waste, because just being what it is makes it pretty special. But I'd like to make the most of it."

He looks out over the field and takes in a deep breath. Chicago is probably a lot less polluted than Gotham, but the difference is pretty magical for him, too.

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"I hear you on that. You two are pretty lucky, looks like."

He follows the doctor's example -- it's not as fulfilling for him, since he's still got the suit on, but it's way better than nothing.

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"I can see how it would be."

He takes a carrot to offer the horse, trying to memorize the breed name but already not sure what it was. "Sure, let's get moving!"
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The strangled sound that might be suppressed laughter, at the image Ellie just put in Michael's head, quickly dissolves in a manufactured cough. He's trying NOT to imagine Batman with a riding helmet perched atop his spikey bat-horns. Really he is.

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"Whichever one is least likely to throw me off while I'm riding! But seriously, any of them would be cool."

"Helmets? Well, I guess that would make sense. Let's go?" Alright, at this point the procedure has gotten him totally lost.
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"Absolutely." He follows them, still stifling a laugh. Somehow he suspects what Batman has on right now is tougher than any of the protective gear in their barn.

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The suit does offer more protection than any gear he could name. He'd been shot and thrown off of buldings and come out of it one piece. Then again, he'd been shot in civilian clothes and come in one piece, it'd just hurt a lot.

He followed her, looking to Dr. Anders for a second and then shrugging. "So, how important is all the gear, anyway? And how's it work?" Because you never know, there might be some gadget around here he could use, or at least get some ideas from.

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"I... think I'll be alright." He'd take the helmet just to make sure, but well -- the suit worked fine. Didn't mean he didn't want to use the rest of the stuff, though.

"Schway." He nods toward Dr. Anders. "I'll take whichever one's left, then."
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"Mind if I ride Beer? He and I have been kind of bonding." Dr. Anders grins.

((SO sorry about the lag!))

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"Schway. That leaves me with... Blossom, right?" Which was an interesting name considering his costume, but oh well.

((No problem.))
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Michael has his equipment for Beer -- which is larger given Beer's size, and is going to get to work on him. Ellie, of course, is the expert on saddling, so she'll undoubtedly finish first and help Batman, but he'll offer his help as well if it's needed.

"Jake and Nat were talking about making all of us dinner."

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"Sounds like a great plan to me. Um..." Terry has managed to pick up his gear, but what to actually do is more or less a blank to him. After all, this is one of the only times in his life he's even seen horses.

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"Thanks again, for everything!"

"I'll make sure to. Assuming I can actually figure out what I'm doing here, that is. But once we get the routine down..."

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"Definitely." He thinks he might have gotten a general idea of what to do, but better to see it done once up close before he tried anything on his own.

Next time, though, he's gonna saddle of these things on his own.