ext_250124 ([identity profile] simply-ellie.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] nexus_stables2006-07-14 06:38 pm

Party at the Nexus Stables! ((Open to everyone!))

Ellie had rushed over from work, and had been delighted to find that Mr. Dobson, Nat, and Jinian had already begun setting up for the party. The old cowboy had already fired up the grill in preparation and the girls had set out bread baskets and salads to start. There were tables with hurricane lamps set up near the house, and some additional ones down by the pond. And with clear skies, it was going to be perfect for stargazing even if you never left the table.

Several of the horses were frolicking in the paddock, and she wondered if any of their guests might like to go riding. She was definitely game, and had decided to try riding Bucky this evening. He was a beautiful Palomino, but also quite mischievous too. She was still getting to know the horses and Mr. Dobson had helped her choose which horses would be best to introduce to their guests.

While she waited for Michael and the others to arrive, she climbed up onto the fence of the paddock and watched the horses play.

((Thanks for playing with them! Simon-mun and Ellie-mun need sleep, and will be back to keep playing tomorrow if y'all like!Back!))

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