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[[Open to [ profile] simply_ellie only.]] Warning: Language and suggestive

Dr. Michael Anders has a blindfold tucked in his pocket as he pulls up to Elise's apartment. His PINpoint is in the other pocket. As he parks and climbs the stairs to the lobby, he grins broadly. This is going to be the best surprise ever.

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Ellie can't imagine what the "Nexus surprise" that Michael had mentioned could be. I certainly hope it's not some sort of Nexus LOL, but that doesn't seem to be his style, either. Whatever it is, he's got me stumped.

He hadn't told her how to dress, and since the Nexus was often a rather casual place, she'd put on some cargo pants and tiny t-shirt, much the same outfit she'd worn to go gardening with his mom.

I can't imagine what it'd be?

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She practically races to the intercom, hearing that buzz. "Michael?" He's warned her enough times to not automatically buzz him in that she always verifies it's him first.

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"Yes sir, you may!" Pressing the buzzer, she lets him in. It'll be a few moments until he's at her door after that. I can't wait to find out! And he sounds pretty excited too.

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Grinning, she unlocks and opens the door to greet him. "Would you like to come in first?" She's not sure if they're driving somewhere else first or not.

Very determinedly, she tries not to think of the magazine Sharon showed her last night. But he sure is pretty excited!

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"Gosh, I'm not sure. Do I?" She has to giggle at that, since she really has no way of knowing. "And do you need anything for yourself, from here?"

His excitement is infectious, and it's making her even more bouncier than usual. "Are you going to at least give me a hint?"

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Ellie's eyebrows go up at the blindfold. This is rather unexpected, and she's never put one on herself. Should I mention that there's a heavier-duty one around her, or leave it be?

"That secret, huh?" Holding the blindfold, she starts to blush. "Um... I've never put these on myself, Simon usually does it for me. Help please?"

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"Thank you." Grinning, she hope that it doesn't mess up the way the blindfold fits her.

This almost feels like it could be Simon tying the blindfold, but it obviously can't be him. And it's time to stop thinking about these things, okay?

"Yes, very. And I can't see any light from the bottom or anything." Reaching out a hand, she's a little disoriented at first. It's often this way for her and nothing unusual.

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Her arm tightens around him in preparation. She's never even played games like this with Simon, and she's only able to do it because she trusts Michael just as much as she does her Master. "Ready as I can be!" Yes, she's a little nervous too.

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Ellie frowns a little, taking in those sounds and smells. It's like Indiana, but not... nah, couldn't be. Petting zoo? But this smells sweeter and fresher than a zoo would be.

"Yes please!" Grinning, she bites her lip in anticipation!

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Ellie blinks as he undoes the blindfold, and her eye slowly adjust to the light again. At least wherever they are -- Oh. MY. We're going to meet horses?!

"Oh my gosh!" She's already bouncing, careful to not disturb the cat. Her mouth is open in shock, incredulous that he'd found a way for them to meet horses or go riding so soon after their trip.

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"Yes please! Is this your parents' club?" She can't help herself and bends down to pet the marmalade cat. He -- or she -- reminds her a bit of Tiger, one of the barn cats from home, and that widens her smile even more!

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"Wow, that's right. You did say that, didn't you? How did you find this place?"

Catching sight of the paddock and the pasture beyond, she's enrapt. This is... like a dream. Like what I used to envision, playing with my plastic Breyer horses on my bedroom floor. But real. Even getting to just see this place is a phenomenal treat for her.

The snuffling of a horse pulls her from her daydream. "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

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"Oh, that's so clever of you!" Ellie gives him a huge hug before turning to see Eagle, the owner of the snuffling.

"It must be a lot easier to come in and visit, with a place that's up for sale." She thinks that Michael is very resourceful that way, and is glad of it.