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A day in the life of Jake Dobson

The kid -- Nat, she said her name was -- was working out really well. She had a knack with horses like nothing Jake had ever seen. He liked her, and he had to hand it to the doctor for finding her and bringing her here where she'd be safe. Especially since he'd heard rumors that there was a pedophiliac bear running loose in the Nexus right now. Crazy kids today with their PINpoints and their Nexus LOL... In his day, the Multiverse had been much quieter and saner.

Jake hoped too much wasn't going to change on his farm. Not that it was really up to him, anymore, since that Dr. Anders was the official owner now, but still...

I'm not curryin' Mary Sue's horse, no matter how many sparkles she throws at me.

Grump grump grump, grouch grouch grouch. He decided to go and finish mucking out the stalls.
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She stays perched on the top of a stall wall and she cocks her head to the side when an old man steps inside the barn, she can hear him grumping all the way over here. Don't ask how she found this place, because she doesn't know either! One minute she was wandering around the Nexus and the next, she was with the horses.

"... Stop that, horses don't like growling!"
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She peeks down at the grumpy old man and grins. While she's not really high up, he still looks small from up here.

"Didn't see sign saying no getting on walls." *nods once* "If wanted to get hurt would find easier, faster way to do it than staying high up. Is all the better to look into horses eyes. Shiny big eyes."
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She narrows her eyes when he grabs the pitch fork. Today is not a good day to get poked!

"If was going to hurt them, would already do it. Am not wibble-wobbly about things like that." *humph!* "What's portal? *she blinks when she realizes he said the D word and hisses.* "No doctors!"
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The very idea of being friends with one of them makes her bare her teeth and growl. Old man must've gotten kicked by one of the horses!

"No doctors! No!" *pause, sudden mood shift no way!* "You protect horses? But are old, easily snappable."
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*shrugs* "So don't tell am stealing the wall. Shoot straight, what if person dodges and eyes might not work as good any more. Guns aren't reliable." *nods once* "Too many people in cities."

She turns her attention away from the grumpy old man and reaches out and pats the top of a horse's head.

"Horses aren't so loud, stinkier though."
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"Only when he gets growled at but am not growly like some people." *she leans in and whispers to the horse* "Is okay, lotsa grumpy people in the 'verses. It's okay to bite them."

She chuckles and turns her attention back to the old man and gives a big smile.

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She cocks her head as she starts to play with the horse's mane. Such soft pretty hair. Horses make sense. If they don't like something, they tell. No five billion words to get to the point. She forces herself to pay attention to the old guy.

"My feet."
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"If going to lie, grumpy old man, why lie about what brought me here? Tell big lie not little one." *chuckling* "May be grumpy but are funny so will tell name. Am Alice." *pats the horse* "This is Horse and who are?"
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*big smile* "Don't want to ride him. Like him better like this, all free. Don't ride things if they don't want to be ridden. Bits should only be with pieces, not in horse's mouths."

*She trails off as she runs her fingers along Horse's cheek. He probably doesn't like being ridden. That's probably why only experienced people can ride. Yeah, that's right!*

"... Came to get away from sex questions or should kill bad people or not ones too."
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She pats Horse for a few more moments then remembers grumpy old men can't hear inside her head, good, stay out of there, so she looks over at him and nods once.

"Lots of things, not grumpy old men though. So no worries. Only kill grumpy old men if they make me." *pause, head tilt* "You?"
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Means can't give or take hurts. *nods once* Rick explained, says is why the Nexus place is safe. Even if they come.

Haven't tried taking a horse, wouldn't have a place to keep him. So no worries.