Nov. 27th, 2006

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Elizabeth has found herself a guestroom at the stables, as she was directed to, and is now pinpointing in her suitcase and enough baby "stuff" for the twins and Catherine. She brings the babies in last, and ends up sitting in the doorway, Catherine in her lap, reading quietly while Robert and Gillian sleep.
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Ellie had felt like a Stepford sub of sorts today, trying to fulfill her role as loving fiancee, caregiver, and obedient sub as best she could. The first two were easy to manage, but the third, specifically being open and honest about her feelings, she was failing miserably. She hadn't told Michael about the letter she'd written to Dr. Crane, and anyway, she'd lost it somewhere between their apartment and the Stables.

More than anything though, she wanted to please and serve Michael. While he rested, she rode around the paddock for him, even attempting a few low jumps too. Mr. Dobson and Nat had also taken care of him too, even cooking dinner for all of them. But now it was time to get cleaned up and go back to their Chicago for the night.

She'd even poked around the Nexus to see if Dr. Crane might've shown up, but so far, nothing. And however much she hated him, she liked Isobel very much and hoped she was okay. Because he's abused her and treated her poorly... how dare he do that to her? Her anger was boiling up again, just thinking about it. Maybe I should go back tonight, to find him... and give him another piece of my mind.


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